First Visit – No Charge

We understand that everyone's needs and expectations about orthodontics are different. At our initial examination, great care is taken to provide you with individualized treatment. We have found that combining a verbal message, with powerful visuals, best provides an educational and effective understanding of the various modalities recommended and treatment options that have been presented.

On your first visit you can expect:

  1. To be examined by Dr. Choi to determine:

    • Is Orthodontic treatment indicated
    • When is the best time to initiate treatment
    • What treatment options are available
    • How much treatment will cost
  2. To determine your individualized treatment plan Dr. Choi will review your diagnostic records at this visit. These diagnostic records will include photographs and digital x-rays (2 x-rays) which will be taken at our office. If your general dentist has any current x-rays that Dr. Choi can use, we will request them prior to appointment.

  3. Our treatment coordinator will discuss your insurance benefits as well as establish individualized payment plans at the end of your visit.

There is No Charge for this visit.